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Limitless engineering and production capabilities.

  • Provision of unbeatable prototype services.
  • Coverage of all aspects of printed circuit board production, from research/development of ideas, to artwork design/layout, to production and assembly.
  • State-of-the-art production system, producing boards at a pace quicker than the industry standard.
  • Competent, courteous staff at Excell handles all your circuit board needs.
  • Quality service, due to our carefully calculated production schedule, and our highly trained and experienced production team.

On-Time Delivery

Service, since our production schedule is carefully calculated and handled by our own highly trained and experienced team of production.

CAD/CAM Capabilities

Customer originals may be in the following formats:
  • Submitted Via E-mail / Modem or Disk, AutoCad, Tango, Floppy disk, Pads, Gerber (-X or 274D Format), Orcad, ORIGINAL Films
  • We can also convert Gerbers from the following file formats: HPGL-PLOT files, Auto CAD-DXF, TANGO, P-CAD, PADS, ORCAD

Offshore Capabilities

Excell Electronics has offshore sources for a full spectrum of board types, from simple single sided to very complex flex circuitry, of the highest quality, at an extremely competitive price.
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