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Job Entry and Job Tracking

Excell uses a custom-designed J.E.T.S. computer software to generate custom-designed job travelers for each order. It also implements unique bar codes for every process throughout the shop floor. Scanning stations are strategically-located at various positions on the shop floor. They are networked to the main computer station at the customer service desk. This system has enabled Excell to improve its customer- response time.

Drilling Department

  • 2-Excellon Mark VI CNC 6, five-spindle (air bearing) drilling machines
  • 1-Excellon CNC4 Mark V four-spindle drilling machines
  • 1-Excellon CNC5, XL-5 three-spindle driller/router/programmer
  • 1-Excellon CNC4, XL-3 three-spindle driller/router
  • 1-Excellon CNC6, Mark IV four-spindle driller/router
  • 1-Computer Interfacing System to allow all of Excell's drilling machines to be run from a central station, all networked online
  • 1-Carbet Pinning Machine
  • 1-Anita Automation L02N Scoring Machine with Jump-Scoring
  • 1-Micro Vu drilling registration machine, model V2000
  • 1-Radoll Bevelmate beveling machine
  • Various pin gauge sets, digital micrometers, and calipers calibrated regularly

Imaging and Film Department

  • 1-Colight 1530 - 5Kw Double Drawer Exposure System
  • 1-Olec Accuprint - 8Kw Double Drawer Exposure System
  • 1-Olec Artwork Registration Punch System
  • 2-Dupont Dry Film 30" Double Sided Laminators, Model # HRL24
  • 1-NUARC FT32V3UPNS Ultra-Plus Flip-Top Platemaker
  • 1-Diazo Developing System tecnilith Model 6000
  • 1-ASI 757 Developer for Primary Image
  • 1-ASI Developer for LPI soldermask
  • 1-Colight Film Area Computer

Quality Control Department

  • All incoming materials are inspected to ensure they meet Excell Electronics Corporation's high standards of quality and Underwriters Laboratory requirements.
  • All PC Boards are inspected a minimum of four times during specified production stages. All shipments leaving Excell Electronics Corporation are inspected in accordance with IPC specifications. Five different IPC Manuals are followed (A list of them can be found in Excell Electronics Corporation's Quality Control Department Specifications Sheet).
  • 1-CMI BMX Unit with capabilities of checking copper, tin-lead, nickel-gold and tin plating thickness
  • 1-CMI PTX capable of checking copper plating in the drilled holes
  • 1-Hughes Model HPC-500 Printed Circuit Board repair
  • Station with microscope viewing. Maximum board size: 24"x24"
  • 1-Cyclops Microscopic optical inspection unit, capable of viewing a 24"x24" panel
  • 1-Circuit Line Electrical Testing Machine Model Precise 30K. This Machine is capable of testing both sides simultaneously, with 20 mils spacing SMT pads. Adjustable isolation measurements: maximum 40 megaohms. Continuity setting from 1 to 100 ohms. Variable voltage testing 10 to 250 Volts. Self Diagnostic, troubleshooting software at component level. Computer Aided Testing Software for generation of Net List Test fixtures from Gerber data.
  • J.E.T.S. software enables us to track process-wise scrap analysis.
  • 1-Alpha Metals Omega Meter, model 600 SMD, measuring ionic contamination
  • 1-Nikon Stereo Zoom microscope for visual inspection
  • 1- Panasonic digital camera visual inspection system
  • 1-Bueler cross-section system

Multi-Layer Processing Department

  • 1-Three openings, 150 ton Multi-Layer Press, with Automatic Cycling
  • 1-Humidity and temperature controlled lay-up and pinning area; capacity 2400 square feet per day

Etching and Plating Department

  • 1-Somaca Scrubbing Machine
  • 2-Somaca Scrubber, Deburrer and Drying Machine
  • Gold and Nickel Tab Plating line
  • 1-Argus Model HAL5124 Hot Air Leveler (Selective Soldering Unit)
  • Complete Chemical Testing and analyzation laboratory
  • 1-Post Clean Line for Hot Air Leveling
  • 1-Nikon Stereo Zoom microscope
  • 3-Copper plating tanks
  • 1-Tin plating tank
  • 1-Pre-cleaning line
  • 1-Resist stripping line and solder stripping line

Wet Process Department

  • 1-Computer Controlled Advanced Systems Inc. Model 757-Etching and Solder Conditioning Line, with Automatic Chemistry Replenishment Systems
  • 1-Permanganate, Desmear, and Etch-back line
  • 1-Multilayer-Inner Layer Brown Oxide Line
  • 1-High Deposition Electroless Copper Line
  • 1-Somaca Scrubber Model 224L

Screening Department

  • 1-Circuit Automation DP 10 LPI application machine
  • 1-Bassi Thermo-matic 2.0 conveyorized curing oven
  • 1-Colight 1630 - 8Kw Double Drawer Exposure System
  • 5-Micro Adjust Single Station screening tables
  • 1-72" x 60" Halogen Exposure Vacuum Unit
  • 2-Grieve Corp Forced Air Ovens-Model 333
  • 1-Colight 15,000 watt Ultra-Violet Curing Unit - maximum speed 35 ft./min.
  • Computer controlled speed adjustment with automatic light integrator.
  • In-house Dry Film Liquid Photoimageable Solder Mask capabilities.
  • 1-Screen tension gauge
  • 1-Squeegee sharpener

Waste Treatment

  • 1-Trionetics (5 columns total) Ion Exchange Waste Treatment Systems. All waste waters are treated before discharge.
  • 1-Rota Cat unit for de-plating metals from spent chemistries.
  • 1-Batch treat system with 25 ton filter press
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